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New family restaurant coming to Uptown Circleville

Richard Rhoades announced earlier today that Circleville will be getting a new family restaurant at 129 West Main Street. Rhoades is a board member of the Uptown Circleville organization and property owner where the new restaurant will open. Rhoades says of the Mexican restaurant, “They have good food and great service.” The restaurant will have the same owner group as El Pedregal in Lithopolis, and one of the owners will act as the general manager. Rhoades expects the restaurant will have a similar menu to the Lithopolis location and be open in July, give or take.

Last year, a group of citizens, business owners, and government officials came together to form a Main Street team in order to establish Circleville as a vibrant destination in which to shop, live, play, and invest through beautification, preservation, and promotion. Uptown Circleville is a Main Street affiliate organization, working with Heritage Ohio as part of the national Main Street America Program. Rhoades says the work that the Uptown economic development committee started last August with the City’s cooperation was vital in securing the new restaurant.

“They weren’t coming if they couldn’t get the restaurant alcohol permit,” Rhoades says. He clarified, that when they started working on the lease in December, it was a stipulation that they had to be able to get the permit from the new Entertainment District pool. Rhoades says, “It’s a business decision. Without the new district, they’d have to pay $25,000 to a private party to transfer their permit, or they can pay $2400 to the State.”

Rhoades added that he’s been talking to other potential tenants, and there are a few restaurants ready to open when they find the right location. He described one as wanting to do a “farm-to-plate” theme and another one as a locally owned family-run micro-brew.

The restaurant will be making major changes to the building, bringing it back from the street in order to make sidewalk dining available. Construction is expected to start as soon as possible, and Rhoades says they will begin the inside updates pretty soon. “We’ve already been working with the historic preservation people, and they like our plans. Now we have to work with State officials and get some construction crews in to get it done,” Rhoades added.

The owner group started targeting Circleville last fall. When Rhoade’s son-in-law ran into the restaurant owner while dining at the Lithopolis location, he was already familiar with the Main Street location. “They love small towns, and they see Circleville as on-the-move and growing,” Rhoades gave as the reason they wanted to locate here.

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