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Uptown Circleville’s Economic Development Committee proposes revitalization district

Press Release
Uptown Circleville
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Uptown Circleville’s Economic Development Committee has put forth an initiative to help bring new restaurants, pubs, and eating establishments to Circleville.

Our mission statement is to establish Circleville as a vibrant destination in which to shop, live, play, and invest. “In order to do this and to bring many more new people to our town, we have to entice entrepreneurs to see Circleville as a great new place to establish their business” says Tony Jankiewicz, vice-chair of the Economic Development Committee of Uptown Circleville.

Our initiative will create a revitalization district in Uptown Circleville. The new district will allow up to 15 additional special liquor licenses for use in restaurants to be granted through the State Liquor Control Board. These licenses have certain rules. They must sell 75% of your business volume in food and 25% in liquor. This is the incentive needed to help new eating establishments to open up in Circleville.

Earlier this year a new steakhouse restaurant was going to open in Uptown Circleville. Unfortunately the prospect had to announce that the steak house would not open because it would not be financially feasible without a restaurant liquor license.

The process to petition the city of Circleville to establish a revitalization district required two property owners to submit petitions to the mayor and city council. City Council will then vote to approve or disapprove this initiative.

Richard Rhoades and Paul Johnson were asked to submit these petitions on behalf of Uptown Circleville. The petitions have reached City Council and the process to approve or disapprove has begun.

Jankiewicz further says, “This will create a domino effect. Bringing in one or two exciting new restaurants, and then watch what follows. First of all people will follow. Having more people on our sidewalks will entice more businesses to invest in Uptown. There are far to many empty storefronts in Uptown Circleville. More foot traffic will bring in more businesses. Instead of our community heading out of town to eat, drink, shop and be entertained, more will come to Uptown Circleville and enjoy what we have here.”

This is a win-win situation for Circleville, our businesses, and our community members. We are all very excited to see City Council approve the revitalization district.

The revitalization zone overlaps with the target focus of Uptown Circleville. Ted Lewis park was included because we felt it was important to include in our long term planning and fundraising. The park will remain alcohol free and friendly to children and families.

If you think Circleville should have more restaurants uptown, please leave a comment and plan on showing your support at the September 4th Circleville City Council meeting.

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